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About Mountain Equipment

Mountain Equipment of New Mexico, Inc. sells oil and gas well testing equipment to well testers, flowback and service companies, and end-user operators. Our area of expertise is high pressure equipment, 1440 psi and higher. We focus on sand separators, test separators, line heaters, flare stacks, junk & trash catchers and support items such as shrinkage testers. We also supply support equipment that compliment these units, such as chokes, gas meter runs, back pressure valves, dump valves, chart recorders, fluid meters, safety relief valves, pneumatic instrumentation, and controls.

ASME, NACE, and CRN Equipment

We specialize in high pressure ASME, CRN, and NACE certified equipment ranging from 1440# psi up to 10,000# psi. Whether you need a sand separator, line heater, flare stack, trash catcher or a test separator, we can probably supply it.


We've been working the oil patch for over 30 years, much of it as well testers. Since 1998 we've been designing, building and selling oilfield equipment. Our designs are based on our experience as well as years of customer input and feedback; this has resulted in robust, easy-to-use equipment that will provide years of service.



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