30 ft., 40 ft. and 50 ft. Portable Flare Stacks

Mountain Equipment Firefly Flares Mountain Equipment manufactures portable 'zero ground disturbance' natural gas flare stacks, which are ideal for remote sites where manpower is limited. Our flares are highly mobile, easy to raise or lower, and simple to operate. With natural gas flaring becoming more and more necessary at well sites and pipelines, our flare stacks help meet State and EPA standards.

Firefly portable flare with feature pop-ups
                When we say our portable natural gas flare stacks are "rugged", we mean it. Float your mouse cursor over a number to see why.

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Technical Specs

Our Firefly portable flares were designed so a single person can easily deploy and operate the unit. The boom is raised or lowered by an electric hydraulic system that is powered by an onboard heavy duty 12v battery. Our flares also boast a fully piped pilot light system that is ignited electrically and can be run in either 'spot' or 'continuous' modes (for windy conditions). This pilot system can use either field gas or LPG (propane). The flare stack itself is mounted on a heavy-duty dual axle trailer and comes with electric brakes/lights, a 2 & 5/16" ball hitch, and racks capable of carrying 4,500 lbs. We currently manufacture these portable flare stacks in 30', 40' and 50' heights.

Product Name Boom Type Size Ignition Platform
"Shorty" Firefly Portable Flare Stack Single 4" x 30' Electric Trailer Mounted
Standard Firefly Portable Flare Stack Double - Folding 4" x 40'
"Stretch" Firefly Portable Flare Stack Double - Folding 4" x 50'
NEW: "Big Six" Firefly Portable Flare Stack Double - Folding 6" x 50'

Firefly Portable Flare Stack Features

  • Portable, trailer-mounted — Can be pulled by your average pickup truck using the 2-5/16" bumper ball hitch. Dual axles and electric brakes ensure good road manners and predictable handling.
  • Zero ground disturbance — Doesn't require ground stakes or spikes. The trailer comes with outriggers that quickly unfold to make an incredibly stable platform that securely supports the flarestack even in windy conditions.
  • Adjustible flare carburetor — Got smoke? Not any more... simply adjust the carburetor mixer to increase air and reduce smoke.
  • Electric ignition — Makes it easy to light. Can be ignited in 'spot' or 'continuous' mode. In continuous mode the flare will stay lit even in strong or gusty wind conditions.
  • Built-in hydraulics — Allows one man to easily set-up a Firefly flare stack in 15-20 minutes.
  • Onboard racks and junk baskets — Make this a completely self contained unit. The trailer can carry thousands of pounds of additional weight.
  • Rugged, heavy-duty construction — Our flare stacks are built tough and designed for remote areas.
  • Advanced solar charging system — Solar trickle charger maintains battery charge over long periods of time.
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