Portable Flare Stack FAQ


1. 4" or 6" diameter schedule 40 seamless pipe:
     a. Shorty = 4" x 30' tall (10.16 cm dia x 9.15 meters tall)
     b. Standard = 4" x 40' tall (10.16 cm dia x 12.2 meters tall)
     c. Stretch = 4" x 50' tall (10.16 cm dia x 15.25 meters tall)
     d. Big Six = 6" x 50' tall (15.24 cm dia x 15.25 meters tall)
2. Inlet is 4" RF flange, ANSI 600
3. Max flow rate (4" x 40'): 15 MMSCFD (15 million Standard Cubic Feet per Day)
4. Max flow rate (6" x 50'): 20 MMSCFD (20 million Standard Cubic Feet per Day)
5. Max recommended input pressure: 1,000 psi, Minimum input pressure: 1 psi.
6. Max wind speed, operating 60 MPH (104 KPH) - using continuous spark mode
7. Max wind speed, standing 75 MPH (120 KPH)
8. Can use field gas for pilot light or LP (propane) gas
9. The pilot line is 1" sched. 40 seamless pipe
10. The mixer flare tip allows the air-gas mixture to be adjusted to prevent smoke
11. Electric ignition with spot or continuous spark modes
12. Fully charged battery will power continuous spark mode for 3 months without charging
13. Onboard adjustible solar trickle charger with electronic overcharge protection

How much wind can the portable flare stack handle?

Our portable flare stacks are engineered to withstand wind speeds up to 75 MPH. However, we strongly recommend the flare stack be not be lit and operated in winds above 60 MPH. When winds exceed 75 MPH the flare stack should be carefully lowered and secured.

What's the maximum amount of natural gas I can burn off with a flare stack?

This varies greatly from site to site depending on the pressure of the supply gas. We recommend that no more than 15 MMSCFD be burned using the 40' model. Our 6" x 50' model, the "Big Six", can handle 23 MMSCFD of gas.

Do you manufacture these natural gas portable flares?

Yes, we do. We take deposits for portable flare stacks for purchase and we often have portable flare stacks in stock. Contact us for pricing and availability.

How long does it take to erect a portable flare stack?

With a little practice, one person can erect a Firefly portable flare stack in 15 - 20 minutes.

How is the flare ignited?

The flare stack uses an on-board electric ignition system run by a heavy-duty 12v battery. It can be ignited in either 'spot' or 'continuous' modes. 'Continuous' mode keeps the igniter firing once a second ensuring it stays lit even in windy conditions. In this mode, the on-board battery fully charged can support the spark for 3 months without any charging (and even longer with the onboard solar-powered trickle charger).

How big a truck will I need to tow a portable flare stack?

A 40' flare stack weights roughly 6,000 lbs and a 4" x 50' weighs about 6,500 lbs. This can be towed by a standard 3/4 ton pickup with a 2 & 5/16" ball hitch. Keep in mind that the flare also has racks and junk baskets that can carry anywhere from 4,500 lbs. to 6,000 lbs. of cargo depending on the model. This will change the overall weight significantly and may require a bigger truck.

Do your natural gas flare stacks meet state and EPA requirements?

Many state and EPA regulations require that flare stacks meet certain requirements such as being 'zero ground disturbance' or being a certain height from the ground. We've designed our flares with this in mind. An adjustible flare tip mixer allows the operator to change the air-gas mixture to prevent smoke. Be sure to check your site's regulations when thinking about buying or renting a flare stack.

How easy is it to get a license plate for my flare stack trailer?

Regulations for vehicle licensing varies greatly from state to state. However, in order to help our customers, we break down the separate price of the trailer in the billing invoice and a MCO (like a title) and provide 30 day temporary plates for transport. Our trailers use a complete international 17 character VIN number.

What are the manufacturing lead times for your flare stacks?

Portable flare stacks can be manufactured to order, usually in 2-3 weeks, depending on demand. We often have flare stacks in stock and ready to roll. Contact us for pricing and availability.

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