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Video time: 6:20
Video content:
This video shows the process of raising, lowering, and securing the Firefly Flare Stack. After some practice, one man should be able to erect, rig, and ignite a Firefly Flare Stack in 15-20 minutes.

  Video time: 1:09
Video content: An abbreviated version of the video to the left, this shows the process of raising, lowering, and securing the Firefly Flare Stack in a quick summary.

6" x 50' Trailer-mounted Flare Stack
Configuration: New 6" x 50' Trailer Mounted Flare Stack
Flow Rate: 22 MMSCF/Day
Mounting: Dual-axle trailer w/electric brakes and 2-5/16" hitch

40 ft. portable flare being hydraulically raised   40 ft. Firefly portable flare

Pictured configuration: In this picture, a 4" x 40' flare stack is being raised by an operator. Notice the guide lines hanging from the boom. These lines, along with the support arms keep the flare steady in windy conditions while not requiring permanent site alteration. It's this method of stabilization that makes these flares 'zero ground disturbance'.


Pictured above: This picture shows a Firefly portable flare being used to burn off ethane. The ethane is coming in at -44F, hence the frost on the main flare pipe.

6" x 50 ft. portable flare being set up     50 ft. portable flare flaring at customer site 6" x 50' portable flare being set up.                                                         4" x 50' flare burning residual tank fumes.

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