Skidded and Portable Line Heaters

Dragonfly LH Logo Line heaters have several uses: first and foremost, well testers and flow-back companies use choked line heaters to prevent ice and hydrates when pressure is radically reduced at a choke. Whenever a major reduction in pressure occurs there is a corresponding cooling of the flow which causes ice and methane hydrates to form downstream of a choke, shutting down the flow.

Second, line heaters can be used to warm line flow to improve separation, which is helpful if wax or asphaltenes are a problem. This works better when the line heater’s coil pack has enough passes to allow for sufficient heat transfer. Thirdly, line heaters are used to help "settle" the flow if it is foamy or effervescent. Mountain Equipment offers different densities of coil pack to address different applications – see below for more information.

2MM BTU Line Heater with 1-Ton Dually Pickup
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Line Heater Sizes

We offer trailer-mounted portable line heaters because they are easy to move between well sites and once on the site. But we also offer skidded line heaters. Dragonfly indirect line heaters are available in three sizes: 1MM BTU, 1.5 MM BTU and 2 MM BTU. Combined with different density coil packs (the number of coil passes), Dragonfly portable line heaters cover a wide range of applications.

Product Name ID Size Type Pressure Platform Density
Dragonfly Portable
Line Heaters
LHP-1 1 MM BTU Indirect water bath Typically:
1) 10K psi in x 3000 psi out
2) 6000 psi in x 3000 psi out
3) 6000 psi in x 1440 psi out
Trailer Mounted Standard/High/Ultra-High
LHP-2 1.5 MM BTU
LHP-3 2 MM
Dragonfly Skidded
Line Heaters
LHS-1 1 MM BTU Indirect water bath Typically:
1) 10K psi in x 3000 psi out
2) 6000 psi in x 3000 psi out
3) 6000 psi in x 1440 psi out
Oilfield Skid Standard/High/Ultra-High
LHS-2 1.5 MM BTU
LHS-3 2 MM

Dragonfly Gas-fired, Indirect Line Heater Features

  • Mounted on custom-built lowboy trailers or heavy duty skids for easy portability and rigging
  • Electric ignition for easy lighting (with access for manual lighting if needed)
  • Auto-shut off for pilot and main burner in case pilot goes out
  • Folding exhaust stack with electric winch for easy setup and tear down

Coil Pack Density (Passes)

We offer three different densities or "passes" of coil pack: standard, high, and ultra-high density. Each density provides different functionality.

Standard coil pack — Has 12 passes total, 4 high pressure passes ahead of the choke, and 8 passes after. A standard coil pack is the least expensive and is suitable for preventing hydrate and ice formation after pressure is reduced.

High density coil pack — Has 18 passes in total; 4 high pressure ahead of the choke and 14 passes after. This is our most popular density since the high density coil pack is suitable for hydrate prevention, heat transfer, and settling the flow stream.

Ultra-high density coil pack — Has 24 passes in total; 6 high pressure passes ahead of the choke and 18 passes after. The ultra-high density coil pack is the most expensive option and is best at transferring heat and flow settling since it provides the largest coil surface area and longest internal length.

Coil Pressure

We offer different pressures of coil packs ranging from a high of 10,000 psi upstream of the choke to 6000 psi to as little as 3000 psi upstream. Downstream pressures typically run 3000 psi down to 1440 psi. Custom upstream and downstream pressures and pipe diameters can be accomodated; discuss your specific requirements with your Mountain Equipment sales person.


Typically Dragonfly Line Heaters are choked with a variable choke. Choke sizes can be customized to meet customer needs but typically come in either 1" or 2" with carbide tungsten internals. Choke stems and seats can be easily removed for inspection or replacement in case they are washed. If a choke is not desired, or a specially sized choke is needed, we can accommodate your requirements.

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