Rental Equipment from Mountain Equipment

Mountain Equipment of New Mexico rents sand separators, test separators, trash catchers, and line heaters to well testers, flow-back companies, and oilfield service companies. Rental equipment is rented in excellent condition, either new or recently refurbished, and is fully tested to ensure it is safe and fully operational. We hydro-test, ultra-sound test, and verify items such as safety relief valve certification are current. We also provide training upon request at our shop.

3-phase skidded test separator for rent 5800 psi ASME skidded Sand Trap for rent 30" x 10' x 1440 psi Test Separator for rent

Rental Qualifications and Conditions

In order to rent your company must be approved for NET 30 by our credit department. All rentals are at a daily rate. Rent for just a few days or several months. All rentals are portal-to-portal meaning the rental starts the day it leaves our yard and ends when it returns to our yard. A signed rental agreement is required before any rental equipment leaves our yard.

Sand Separators (aka Sand Traps or Sand Cans)

We usually have several skid mounted 5800# psi working pressure sand separators available for rent. We also offer 10,000 psi sand separators with 3" 1502 in/out and some oversized 30" x 10' x 5000 psi monsters (these are non-code sand traps).

Test Separators

We have several different sizes in our rental fleet, all are 1440# psi working pressure. We offer trailer and skid mounted test separators for rent: 30" x 10' x1440# psi 3-phase and 36" x 15' x 1440# 4-phase. All our test separators are ASME "U" stamped with U1A data forms and recent hydro-test charts. ›› Image Gallery

Trash Catchers

We have several skid mounted double-barreled trash catchers in our rental fleet that are good for trash from ¼" up to 3" in diameter. They are rated for 7500# psi working pressure.

Line Heaters

Available now, we have two 1 MM BTU portable line heaters for rent, one is a 10,000 psi model and one is 6000 psi upstream of the choke.

Indirect (water bath) line heaters for rent

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