3-Phase Test Separators & 4-Phase Well Test Separators

Mantis Test Separator Logo Mountain Equipment has been designing and building coded 3-phase and 4-phase test separators since 2004 (a 4-phase test separator is identical to a 3-phase test separator except it also includes the ability to separate sand and particulates from the flow). Our designs are based on more than two decades of oil well testing experience as well as feedback from our customers and from renters. We specialize in high pressure portable well test separators, skidded test separators, and well test separators mounted in lifting cages.

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Technical Specs

Mantis Well Test Separators come in a variety of sizes – as outlined in the table below. We specialize in 1440 psi working pressure (ANSI 600) test packages but can do higher pressure if needed. Lead time typically runs 10-14 weeks but popular sizes such as 30” x 10’ and 36” x 15’ run shorter and are frequently available in stock.

Product Name ID Size Cube (M^3) Type Pressure Platform H2S ASME
Mantis Test Separators MT-1 30" x 10' 1.45 3-phase test separator 1440 psi Portable Trailer Mounted, Skidded,
or Skid w/Lifting Cage
All models available in NACE (sour)
or sweet configurations
MT-2 36" x 15' 3.15 3-phase
MT-3 42" x 10' 2.9
MT-4 42" x 15' 4.3
MT-5 48" x 15' 5.6
MT-6 54" x 15' 7.0

Mantis Test Separator Features

  • Designed by well testers for well testers
  • Turnkey ready: all pipeworks, valves, pneumatics, controls and instruments included
  • Multiple inspection ports / manway for easy access to critical separator components
  • Outflow manifold provides redirection of flows to any available outlet
  • Integrated 4,000cc shrinkage test unit
  • Turbine meters with digital totalizers on oil and water outs
  • Daniel Sr. or V-cone gas meter run
  • 4-port data header included downstream from gas meter
  • 4th phase removes sand / particulates and provides a sand weir, sparger, and sand drain so sediment can be removed from the separator vessel without shutting in the well.

ASME Certification

Test Separator TagOur test separators are ASME coded and include a signed U1A data report form signed by the ASME inspector that inspected the vessel and reviewed the accompanying fabrication documentation. The U1A provides a complete technical description of the vessel and all openings. U1A provided in high resolution PDF format.
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