Mountain Equipment Triplet Debris & Residual Sand Catcher
An affordable scrubber that cleans residual debris and sand before it harms downstream equipment.

What is a Triplet trash and sand catcher?

Our Triplet trash and sand catcher is a very low cost way to capture residual debris and sand that can come up after a well has gone into production. Semi-permanently mounted at the well site, the Triplet will capture junk, frac propants, reservoir sand and other debris that otherwise might clog or damage downstream equipment.

How does the Triplet trash and sand catcher work?

Our Triplet trash and sand catcher has three stages: the first stage captures larger debris from 2-1/2 inches down to 3/4 inch in diameter. In many production wells, drill-out plug remnants can continue to come up for months which can lead to downstream blockages. The second stage captures junk and particles from 3/4 inch down to 1/4 of an inch. The final stage captures particles smaller than 1/4" and sand. Sand can come from either propant sand used during fracking, or may be residual reservoir sand that naturally migrates out of the formation. Sand is incredibly abrasive and keeping it out of downstream equipment is always a good idea.

Where is the Triplet used?

In any production well site where residual sand and junk is a problem. Typically the Triplet is the first piece of equipment to handle production well flow so it is placed upstream of separators, meters, tanks and pipeworks. It can be placed ahead or behind a choke, if one is used.

What pressures can the Triplet handle?

We offer three models, each designed to handle a different maximum pressure: the 1440 psi model is good for any well from up to 1440 psi MAWP or shut-in, the 3000 psi model which covers any well that may have higher operational or shut-in pressure, and a 5000 psi model forproduction wells with extremely high shut-in pressure. In most cases our 1440 psi model is sufficient and provides an excellent working lifetime at an affordable price. All three models offer a corrosion allowance (CA) of 0.250 inch or more.

How often does the Triplet need to be purged of junk and sand?

This is determined by the amount of debris and sand coming up. Typically the Triplet is purged whenever your tanks are checked or your daily site inspection occurs. It is very easy chore and only takes a few moments.

Does the well need to be shut in when blowing off acummulated debris or sand?

No. The Triplet has one valve to dump debris and one for sand. During rounds the service person simply opens each valve for a few moments to empty accumulated sand and debris.

How long is a Triplet needed on site?

Since it is designed to scrub residual debris and sand, probably several months at least, or until there is so little residual junk and/or sand in the flow that it is no longer needed.

Are the various Triplet models ASME coded?

Yes, they can be ASME coded, or not, depending on customer preference. Non-code units cost less but are built to the same specifications. They cost less because non-coded units do not undergo the same ASME inspection and certification steps. Please be sure to discuss your code needs with your sales person.

Do you offer sweet and sour (NACE) Triplets?

Yes we do. Please be sure to discuss your sour service needs with your sales person.

How is a Triplet debris & sand catcher mounted?

Our Triplet debris and sand catchers are mounted on heavy-duty oilfield skids in a very compact configuation. They travel horizontally for safety but operate vertically which makes for a compact 4' x 4' footprint at the well site.

Specifications for 1440 psi Triplet:

  • 15 MM SCFD gas @ 1000 psi per 24 hour day
  • ANSI 600 3" RF flanged inlet
  • ANSI 600 3" RF flanged outlet
  • ANSI 600 2" RF flanged trash & sand dump
  • L skidded for horizontal transport, vertical operation
  • 1" safety relief valve set to 1440
  • Trash basket #1 captures big trash from 3/8" to 2.5"
  • Trash basket #2 captures smaller junk from 1/4" to 3/8"
  • Sand trap captures sand and smaller debris less than 1/4"
  • Dual pressure gauges provide differential pressure to determine when to empty accumlated debris
  • Triplet Skid dimensions, in vertical operational position: 9'4" Tall x 4' Wide x 4' Deep
  • Estimated weight, 2000 pounds

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